Get More Conversions

These are examples of blocks we’ve built while customizing themes: add links to what you’d like to sell, then set the logic in our plugins to determine where you’d like your custom blocks displayed.

Ideas to implement:

Things that make YOU money!!

  • Promote a course site-wide
  • Promote category-specific ebooks
  • Create curated product blocks

This is not a comprehensive list of what our plugins can do. We’re built to work best with any site that’s leveraging stellar content.

Only you know what your content is capable of to identify what, how, or where it should be leveraged.

I use Shopify or Gumroad to share my products, do you integrate with it?

We focus on customizability without conflict. If you can insert content into WordPress, you can use the functionality that’s built into our plugins to leverage your content- and success.

You’ll share your product the same way that you would when sharing your product(s) anywhere on WordPress.

Having said that: we work well with any content or service that plays well with WordPress. So, the short answer is always: YES!

How do I bulk edit?

You don’t have to!

Added a new course or e-book that’s most applicable for users reading particular areas of your site? Use Dynamic Connector Block rules to delegate accordingly.

Any content written and shared using our plugins is edited in bulk automatically.

Say goodbye to the headache of updating spreadsheets, and hello to our world of dynamic content.

Will this need styling to match my site?

Nope! Since we maximize core WordPress blocks and functionality, your theme styles are always inherited.

If you’d like something more custom, you can always implement styling on a block level within our plugins to bring more attention to your leveraged theme customizations.

Styles will automatically bulk edit and adjust on all posts, whether you’re inserting blocks for free using Automatic Block Inserter or Dynamic Connector Block.