Free Plugin: Automatic Block Inserter

How to Grow Your Business with our free plugin: Automatic Block Inserter

Automatic Block Inserter was created so that content can be bulk-inserted in a custom location on all posts.

The Automatic Block Inserter plugin was made with our retainer clients at Once Coupled in mind. It just happens to be really useful for anyone working in WordPress.

Who can use Automatic Block Inserter?!

Anyone working on WordPress will likely have a use for this plugin!

If you have blocks of content that need to be inserted in bulk on all posts, we’re here to help.

Features and Benefits

What is Automatic Block Inserter useful for?

At Once Coupled, we’re using this plugin to save clients retainer time on pretty typical development task(s) that we think should be available to all.

  • Inserting custom author blocks to increase your site’s authority
    • I’m currently using it to bulk insert FAQ blocks, TOC blocks, or Dynamic Connector Blocks that automatically populate content based on a site’s content and logic.
    • It could also be useful for anyone who wants to add information about the author’s credentials in bulk on all posts.

Case Studies

I have my personal blog I play with when we’re testing out new plugins. I’ve also implemented the plugin on two Once Coupled client sites within 24 hours since launching.

Instead of charging our retainer clients custom development time (valued at $200+) to bulk insert blocks of content in response to the latest UHC update from Google…

We made Automatic Block Inserter available to everyone.

Getting Started

How to install & use Automatic Block Inserter:

  1. Click “checkout” on the button at the bottom of this page:
  2. Input promo code FREE at checkout, then click “Apply”:
  3. Download the file from our email (click the link in #2):
  4. Upload the plugin to your WordPress dashboard & activate it.
  5. Make your first automatically inserted block! Just click “Add New”

How to optimize Automatic Block Inserter

  1. Make sure you’re adjusting your settings!
    • Check the location to ensure it looks good and is user-friendly
  2. Create content that either increases your authority on your site OR improves conversion rates
    • Consider using this plugin with Dynamic Connector Block to integrate dynamic content (like category-specific opt-ins) to maximize your revenue!

Pricing & Support

Automatic Block Inserter is TOTALLY FREE! Just use promo code FREE when checking out on our site.

  • We’re waiting on the WordPress repository to approve it for free (you’ll find it with other free WordPress Plugins fairly soon)

We offer support for our plugins via email. You can create a ticket in Freemius, which is the forum you’ll use to check out.

You can also send support tickets using a button in WordPress after you’ve installed and activated the plugin.

What are you waiting for?!

Automatic Block Inserter is TOTALLY FREE!

Use promo code FREE when checking out to get this tool up and running on your site today.