We build little solutions to big problems. Our plugins are speed-, SEO-, and ad-optimized, where appropriate, to give our users every possible advantage.

We specialize in solutions for publishers managing hundreds or thousands of pages in content: we’ve worked with you for a decade and know the challenges you face.

Here’s how we made our first two plugins:

We’re problem solvers.

Small Plugins is our solution to outdated, bloated, clunky plugins that fail to address core issues publishers face: managing large amounts of content.

  • Woman-owned
  • Female-led

Proven record

We build sustainable businesses that thrive and provide ongoing development and support.

Team players

This is a collaborative project with our users, partners, and team members.

Full of ideas

We hope to release half a dozen small plugins by the end of 2023 alone!

Small Plugins

Less complication, more custom features.

Simple to install & straightforward to use

Our plugins pack a punch.

We build each solution as simply as possible to meet your needs.

Top-Tier Customer Support

Have a question? Ask us!

We add to our YouTube support forum based on client questions.

Custom features that readers LOVE!

Step away from the norm.

Each plugin is built for customizations that delight users.

When it comes to plugin solutions, two experiences matter:

Creator’s Experience

We support creators with email responses and our video library.

Reader’s Experience

Each of our plugins build delight into your site’s front end.