Our goal is to release half a dozen plugins in 2023 alone! While Dynamic Connector Block is our flagship offering and primary focus at the moment, our plan is to create a small family of plugins that remain simple and don’t overreach their initial feature set.

Current Plugins


Add advanced rulesets for complex front-end display with ease. Use logic to segment content into groups for automation.

Dynamic Connector Block


Insert content blocks into a specific custom location according to the website’s logic.

Automatic Block Inserter


Help readers quickly identify post features by adding labels for a sub-set of categories.

Category Labels Block


Add expandable/accordion functionality to FAQ blocks. Works well with Yoast and your site’s styling.

FAQ Toggle


Perfect for “you might also like” blocks on posts. Suggest posts, in a specific order, on demand.

Query Loop Post Selector Block


Display the post’s published or modified date, whichever is newer.

Post Date Smarter Modified


Demonstrate authority and build trust with highlighted comments from your audience.

Featured Comment Block


Adds taxonomy exclusions, overlaps, and other options.

Query Loop Advanced Operators

Upcoming Plugins


Publish affiliate links with confidence and authority using this post type.

Product Custom Post Type


Publish custom posts with your virtual e-book, directly to WordPress.

Virtual E-Book Custom Post Type

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