Form Tags for Recipes

Allows publishers to easily send readers partial recipe information from their existing form-based “save for later” opt-in. 🎉

Use a form plugin to create sign-up notifications with recipe content.

Deliver the content readers expect, while building your email list.


✨ Publishers Love


Use WPForms, Gravity Forms, or Ninja Forms

Lightweight build

Won’t bog your site down


Works with any WordPress site & theme

Readers Love ✨

Does what it says

Emails recipes, not links

Delivers value

Is a resource for readers

Builds trust

Helps them see you as a partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this plugin handle the form that’s inserted in my post?

No, the form plugin you use will handle the form, visuals, insertion, etc. This plugin only enables the addition of a recipe into the success notification.

Does this plugin send the subscriber to my email list provider?

No, the form plugin you use will manage all subscribers and where they’re saved/sent. This plugin only enables the addition of a recipe into the success notification.

Which form plugins does it support?

WPForms, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms. Additional providers can be requested!

Which email list providers does it support?

This plugin doesn’t handle any email list functionality, so none are considered supported. However, the form plugin of your choice will have different email providers supported so we recommend investigating those. Our form plugin of choice is WPForms.

Which recipe plugins does it support?

At this time, only WP Recipe Maker is supported. We will add Tasty, Create, and others upon request.

Do you have free version?

Yes… but it’s not available yet. We plan to submit this plugin to the WordPress repository as soon as we’re allowed, and expect it to be available in July or August.

What if I don’t like the plugin?

We have a 30-day return policy, so you can buy with confidence.

Can I use it with the classic editor?

Yes, this plugin doesn’t add or modify any blocks so it doesn’t require any specific editor featues.

How do I get started?

When you’re ready, purchase the plugin from our website and we’ll email you a download link and license number. Upload the ZIP file to your website and copy your license into the resulting screen. Then, work within your form plugin to create an email confirmation that includes the recipe!

Do it yourself

Want to learn about how and why we came up with this plugin, plus receive code to implement the same functionality for free? We’ve got that over at our sister site. Check it out!