Our goal in building Small Plugins is to remove the need for custom themes and development. We create customizable solutions that anyone can implement.

Below are a few solutions we’ve focused on while building our initial plugins.

I’ll share tutorials for each of these solutions with more specific tasks we’ve been asked to work on as developers.

In each tutorial, I’ve used core WordPress blocks (anyone on WordPress can copy them) for implementation ASAP- all you have to do is personalize the process with YOUR stellar content & our plugins!

I need to: Grow My Email List

Here are a few of the email-specific tasks we’ve been hired to complete as developers working at an agency, that we make easily available to anyone using our plugins in the tutorials below.

I’d like to: Increase Engagement

Here are a few of the engagement-oriented tasks we’ve worked on for our clients, that are now easily available to anyone using our plugins- no development time (or costs) required!

  • Share a site-wide social opt-in
  • Ask for comments or reviews
  • Create custom “you might also like” blocks

It’s time to: Improve Site Authority

Here are a few authority-centric tasks we’ve worked on as custom theme developers, available to anyone using our plugins- just plug & play by sharing what makes you the authority for your site or niche!

  • Share a linked author bio
  • Add a welcome video
  • Share a category-specific expert tip block

I like money: Get More Conversions

These are examples of blocks we’ve built while customizing themes: add links to what you’d like to sell, then set the logic in our plugins to determine where you’d like your custom blocks displayed.

  • Promote a course site-wide
  • Promote category-specific ebooks
  • Create curated product blocks

Have questions?

We can help with optimizations, customizations, and implementation! Just reach out to share more about what you’re aiming to accomplish.

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