Image Overlay Cues

Automatically adds a counter onto selected images… without needing a single line of custom code from you. 🎉

Show readers what they’re looking at with a more visual approach.

Automatically adds numbers on images using our “counter” tool.

Uses the blocks & settings locations you’re used to.

Coming soon: add custom text overlays, like a “New!” badge or a “Reader’s Favorite” label.


✨ Publishers Love

Easy step-by-step

using our built-in counter feature

Lightweight build

Won’t bog your site down


Works with any WordPress site & theme

Readers Love ✨


Connect images to descriptions

Visual highlight

Pulls attention to relevant information

User experience

Makes associated images easy to find

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this plugin only for step-by-step images?

Nope! An upcoming version of this plugin can also be used to add custom content over the image, like a “New!” badge or a “Reader’s Favorite” label.

Do you have free version?

Yes… but it’s not available yet. We’ve submitted this plugin to the WordPress repository and expect it to be available in June.

What if I don’t like the plugin?

We have a 30-day return policy, so you can buy with confidence.

Will it mess up my existing images with counts?

No, this plugin doesn’t make any sweeping changes to your site. It adds a button for you to include the counter on images in the future.

Can I use it with the classic editor?

No, this plugin relies on image blocks to work as expected.

How do I get started?

When you’re ready, purchase the plugin from our website and we’ll email you a download link and license number. Upload the ZIP file to your website and copy your license into the resulting screen. Then, go in to any post and click on an image block. You’ll see a new button to add a count to it!