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Here’s how we’ve built solutions that were previously only available in bulky, high-cost packages- that you can implement at a fraction of the regular price. Thanks for partnering with us, Bjork & Lindsay. 🙂

It all started while working at Once Coupled. Lauren & I have spent years creating speed-centric, pixel perfect custom themes for food bloggers. Our client’s sites housed a ton of content with massive audiences. We noticed they generally used bulky all-in-one plugins that were charging per view (ick). These bulky plugins were slowing down our client’s sites and they typically only utilized a fraction of the available functionality.

In researching alternatives for our client’s custom theme needs, we realized that there aren’t a lot of cut-to-the-chase solutions available (in terms of functionality). Our clients were losing money, creating systems around plugin limitations or integrations, and spending a lot of time figuring it all out.

It took years of internal discussions, working with clients on their pain points, and a bit of downright frustration before we finally decided to start developing Small Plugins.

We had a hard time stepping away from our active roles working on pretty custom themes to launch this new concept. Even though we knew it was something that our industry and clients need. In the same vein, it might be hard to step away from your current role working in your blog to implement our plugins.

We’ve officially launched one plugin, Dynamic Connector Block, in a really short time frame, with a second plugin scheduled to launch soon. What we’ve learned: the time spent is well worth it.

The average conversion rate for a call-to-action element, across all industries, is 4.23%. Dynamic Connector Block is our flagship plugin that makes CTA’s exponentially more effective by placing curated, relevant information in front of users.

Use existing site logic to insert content using a dynamic block that you can edit any time you’d like! DCB removes the need for bulk editing when details change. Create a specific call to action for every category or tag that exists on your website, place curated CTA’s in every post to meet your users where they’re at, and watch your conversion rate improve exponentially!

Here’s what you’ll get with a Small Plugins membership

  • Clean code that “just works.” Our plugins are built by developers that have worked on speed-first, pixel perfect custom themes for years.
  • Functionality you’ll currently only find in pay-per-view, bulky all in 1 plugins OR custom themes and custom development.
  • Block based functionality. WordPress is moving to site wide block based editing. Our current and future plugins embrace blocks to keep things simple.
  • We’ve found that our plugins integrate well with many other services you might be using using:
    • For example, Dynamic Connector Block will integrate with any email provider, shop, or course to create customized content specific call-to-actions using existing logic on your website. Any content that you can insert on your site can be inserted using Dynamic Connector Block.

Membership Perks

Food Blogger Pro Membership Pricing

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  • ALL current & future plugins
  • Get early access to future plugins
  • Vote on ideas: share what you want us to work on next!

Use coupon code “FOODBLOGGERPRO” at checkout. Note: we use Freemius to host, support, and push upgrades for all of our plugins. We offer a 14-day money back guarantee for ALL of our product- including discounted membership rates.

Discounted memberships will be offered at this rate until we’ve launched the 4th plugin. Once our 4th plugin launches, membership pricing will increase.